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SINÚ ARTEFACTOS was born in 1992 by the admiration and affection of a couple (a Greek woman and a Colombian guy) for the beauty of authentic handmade artifacts.

Sinú is the name of an indigenous community of the pre-Hispanic Colombian period and SINÚ ARTEFACTOS started primarily as a place with handmade jewelry and art objects of Amerindian tribes of Colombia.

The search, selection and building relationships with small workshops of authentic artistic expression quickly spread to other countries around the world and the endeavor continues tirelessly for 26 years.


The SINÚ ARTEFACTOS shop exists in order

‘to offer you the harmony and beauty to be found in artifacts created by excellent craftsmen from all over the world with natural materials and artistry'


 Indicative categories of artifacts made from natural materials:

  • Hats: Authentic Panama hats
  • Jewelry made of: Tagua (vegetable ivory) / Bone / Horn / Wood / Papier mâché
  • Accessories: Bags / Scarves / Scarfs / Belts
  • Decorative objects made of: Clay / Glass / Wood / Metal / Straw / Papier mâché
  • Ceramic kitchenware (from Colombia) / Blown-glass Jugs & Cups (from Mexico) 
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At SINÚ ARTEFACTOS different creative expressions meet harmoniously, having as common elements the multicultural references and natural materials, but most of all, the genuine, unpretentious, artistic inspiration of groups and individual artists

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